Quality and expertise in chemical cleaning

Exxro has performed industrial chemical cleaning for many years, with excellent references documented by leading companies, in order to perform ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of plants and equipment that require surface treatment, limescale or other deposit descaling, oil or fat degreasing and passivation, to prepare them for future use.

Chemical cleaning involves an assessment of the work to be performed, looking for the best technique to achieve total plant and equipment cleaning.

Chemical cleaning is provided for equipment such as:

  • plate or shell and tube heat exchangers
  • steam generators
  • cooling towers
  • reactors
  • piping
  • process equipment.

It is also performed on new plants to prepare the equipment for normal operation, with metal surface treatment on a chemical and physical level, and for the elimination of any foreign contamination.

Exxro has specific equipment, suitable to create any independent circuit, in order to chemically clean plants and equipment, even complex and articulated in several sections.

All the cleaning product waste produced is managed by Exxro by analysing the waste classification, transport by own authorised vehicles equipped for ADR standards and final disposal in authorised centres.