Quality and expertise in environmental reclamation

Exxro provides land and industrial site, tank and material containing asbestos reclamation.

Land and industrial site reclamation

Exxro offers a global reclamation service for contaminated sites, disused industrial areas, equipment safety, environmental restoration of polluted industrial sites, employing the technical and operational skills of highly specialised and experienced personnel.

Thanks to a team of expert and qualified technicians, Exxro is able to solve environmental problems related to:

  • soil pollution
  • groundwater decontamination
  • reclamation of manufactured articles containing asbestos
  • reclamation of underground tanks.

The reclamation of contaminated land is studied through an accurate characterisation plan to intervene in a targeted and precise way, optimising the available economic resources and always maintaining a high respect for the environment.

For each reclamation project, Exxro performs the complete management of the order from the feasibility study to the operational management, always taking care of the relationship with the control bodies from the beginning of the activities until the final reclamation is obtained.

All the following phases are carefully and scrupulously designed:

  • core drilling
  • sampling in the manner required by law
  • preventive and definitive analyses of soil or groundwater samples
  • final report on the reclamation of the contaminated site.

Land reclamation can be performed with in situ technologies, without the removal of the material or, in the most serious cases, with the removal of the material to be sent to recycling centres or final disposal.

Exxro also performs reclamation of industrial sites, intended as reclamation of contaminated plants, pipes and equipment in industrial areas for the purpose of building new plants or demolition, always ensuring of the recovery of recyclable materials.

Plant reclamation involves decontamination from combustible, vegetable, diathermic oils, hazardous waste and various types of chemical materials, using specific highly effective products formulated by the company itself.

Tank reclamation

Exxro carries out all activities related to the reclamation of iron, stainless steel, fibreglass and cement tanks containing combustible oils and vegetable oils, diesel, ethylene gasoline, chemical products of any kind, solvents.

The main activities that Exxro carries out on the tanks are:

  • leak test
  • inertisation
  • removal from the ground
  • demolition
  • internal and external reclamation
  • internal resin coating with specific high quality products.

Exxro also performs works of:

  • old tank restoration and compliance
  • installation of limiting valves
  • pipe modification
  • installation of new double-wall tanks
  • installation of approved and certified fuel dispensing columns
  • installation of leak detection devices.

In the previous phases, present and subsequent to the reclamation of tanks and pipes, the explosiveness and quantity of oxygen in tanks are checked with specific and approved equipment, in order to constantly monitor the presence of potentially flammable vapours.

During all the operational phases of tank reclamation, Exxro uses its own vehicles and equipment and highly specialised, adequately trained and updated in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008 concerning the protection of health and safety in the workplace, and Legislative Decree 177/2011 concerning the rules for the qualification of companies operating in environments adjacent to or suspected of pollution.

During the tank reclamation operations, Exxro adopts cleaning techniques tested for many years that minimise the waste generated by the internal cleaning activity, obtaining a thorough and Gas Free cleanliness, for the benefit of significant economic savings and respect for the environment.

All the waste generated by the reclamation of the tanks are managed entirely by Exxro, through the analytical classification, the packaging according to law, the transport with authorised trucks, the approval according to the ADR regulation and the issuance of all the documentation proving the correct disposal according to law.

Asbestos reclamation

Exxro Srl is registered in the National Register of Waste Management category 10 A and B, therefore it is authorised to perform reclamation of materials containing asbestos both in a compact matrix with a friable matrix, and environmental monitoring for the detection of airborne asbestos fibres.

The reclamation of products containing asbestos involves the following phases:

  • preliminary survey of the site or of the objects to be reclaimed;
  • work planning and coordination;
  • implementation of the work plan with details of the activities to be performed;
  • submission of all documentation to the pertinent authorities;
  • removal of asbestos cement roofs from civil and industrial sheds, removal of tanks, flues;
  • packaging, transport and disposal of asbestos-containing waste to authorised landfills.

In particular, Exxro specialises in the reclamation of materials containing friable asbestos from pipes of power plants, industrial equipment, steam generator gaskets and insulation, for which continuous confined dynamic chambers are made, using extractors equipped with absolute HEPA filters 99.97% DOP.

All Exxro personnel are qualified and updated through specific training courses to carry out reclamation activities in the presence of asbestos. All the equipment to carry out reclamation work is Exxro property and always kept in perfect working order.