Percolate processing with reverse osmosis

Exxro develops and builds reverse osmosis plants to process civil and industrial waters, which through the principle of inversion of water flow from a more concentrated to a less concentrated solution, is able to separate soluble salts and the organic molecules from water.

The Exxro reverse osmosis plants are designed with flat membranes, based on specific customer requirements, to efficiently solve every purification requirement that involves all types of waste water.

These plants are used to process leachate in landfills, desalinate sea water and the purify brackish water, as well as industrial waste water, in order to recycle the purified water in a zero-discharge circuit.


Through a very accurate preliminary analysis of the liquid to be treated, the Exxro engineering department develops the best configuration to maximise both quantitative and qualitative results.


Exxro systems are manufactured on customer request and installed inside insulated containers or on specifically designed skids.


EXXRO plants are fully automated, complete with remote control systems.


A continuous monitoring system of the output water parameters ensures the safety of the water at the drain according to the legislation discharge table.

The benefits of Exxro reverse osmosis systems

Simplified pre-filtration

Exxro modules, equipped with open channel technology, are able to process waste with a quality of SDI 15 times higher than traditional membranes.

High water recovery rates with low energy costs

Design of specific plants, high efficiency electric motors and design details allow for high recovery with low energy costs.

Low operating chemical costs

Thanks to their particular construction, Exxro modules do not require a large amount of detergent for their regeneration.

Long life of the membrane

The combination of membranes with a high quality film and a simple and effective integrated cleaning system ensures a long life of the membranes for up to 4 years of uninterrupted operation.

Lower membrane replacement costs

The modular membrane system offers the possibility of replacing individual membrane sheets and reducing costs.

High quality output water

The Exxro membrane system is the latest technical discovery, has high chemical stability and high re-injection ensuring a high quality permeate.

Compact and flexible modular units

The modular design and construction of all Exxro systems simplifies transport and installation, allowing flexible use even in limited spaces.

Maintenance, operation and assistance at low costs

Clear access to all the main components and pipes, to perform quick and effective inspections and maintenance. Automatic operation and system regulation, fail-safe design ensures correct, safe and reliable operation of the system.

 Short start-up times for the plants

Since all EXXRO systems are fully assembled and tested at the factory, the systems can be installed in a short time without any civil engineering construction.